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 ** Let go & Let grow | Important Studio update! | 10-17-17 **

The winds of change are seriously shaking up the Northside neighborhood right now in the absolute best way possible! I am so stoked on the activity & growth happening in our cozy, little corner of downtown. Witnessing this all first hand has inspired me to embrace this powerful energy & make a few changes myself.

When I first opened the studio, nearly a year ago, it was purely out of necessity. For years, I had dreamed of opening my own studio but, this was the furthest thing from a dream situation. I had very unexpectedly found myself without a job & needed to do something to keep my family afloat. The timeline wasn't my own, the space wasn't ideal, there was no financial backing, but I knew I could make it work. And it did work, thanks in large part, to each & everyone one of you loyal students that kept showing up despite the concrete floor, the scary basement bathroom, & the lack of heat. You all joined me in overlooking all the reasons that it shouldn't work in order to make it work because somehow it was what we all needed then.

Now that the pressure of having to own & operate my own studio to survive has eased, I've had the time & space to get clear on what I WANT to do to with my business while also, choosing (finally, I know!) to make my health & happiness a priority (yep, just like I preach to you guys all the time!). 

Now is time to let go & let grow. Now is the time to let go of feeling stressed so that I can get back to feeling inspired. Now is the time to shift away from teaching out of necessity so that I can get back to teaching & most importantly, practicing again, with passion & purpose. Now is the time to take yoga out of the confines of the studio & bring it out into the community. My heart has always been happiest planning community events & collaborating with other business owners or city leaders to creatively bring yoga to the people that "don't do yoga." That's how I've met so many of you & I feel like it's time for me to go back to my roots. Moving forward, the focus of Do Good Yoga will shift away from offering weekly studio-based classes to offering pop-up classes & community events with local business partners meant to foster creativity & connection in this fine, flourishing city we call hOMe.

For the rest of this week, the studio schedule will be extremely limited as we settle a few final details & dates related to this strategic business shift. Starting the following week, October 23 through November 17, our weekly class offerings will pare down to Monday & Wednesday at 6:15am & 9:30am. Drop-ins & donations are welcome, as well as passes purchased on or before Monday, October 16. Classes passes will no longer be available after today.

I'm incredibly excited about the changes we're making & hope to share that excitement with you all on your mats as we close out our time in the studio!

So much love,